Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Trying to Re-Vamp (heheeh) the Rwar! Thing... with new equipment's at the home front i might be able to actually start doing some shit with them... other than straight poses.... Whoa! Dream Big! But yea changing the world they live in and added Fred to it... should be interesting :D fingers crossed

Fred!!! She returns much cooler and more bad ass then ever, still fucking crazy though Yay!

Chris! Still a Werewolf... but better dressed for their new future :D still rocking the FTW Tee its just under... His head looks huge :S

Zed... They found him, he's new

Brian Re-worked.... He needs a shirt, working on that... As bad ass as one can be in the Zombie apocalypse without a shirt on, he isn't THAT big of a Douche bag

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